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12 Jun 2019 17:12:08
any chance spurs will start buying soon.

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12 Jun 2019 20:57:01
Define soon :)

12 Jun 2019 22:40:19
Linked with absolute dross from the championship, I bet levy will be tugging in his bed tonight who he can buy from Charlton, Preston, millwall.

13 Jun 2019 01:42:19
I’d like to believe at least one of Ndombele, Lo Celso or Bruno Fernendes will be signed, but I’m afraid we’ll end up with someone who’s name we’ll need to google. and Poch will walk leaving us in a mess of Levys own making.

13 Jun 2019 14:42:12
Fully agree with you yellow card.

13 Jun 2019 19:42:53
The guvnor is back.

13 Jun 2019 20:15:53
I'm taking over from Ellis dee with all the info you guys crave.

Oddbod it happened again.

14 Jun 2019 10:34:39
Spursguvnor, why do you sound surprised that it happened again? I mean how long has it been now then since you last won a major trophy? 🤣😂.

14 Jun 2019 10:54:40
Welcome back governor,

14 Jun 2019 13:25:46
Ellis dee is inda house, raver.

14 Jun 2019 15:34:56
Welcome back Ellis dee, I didn't realise it was you from earlier post, the raver has been asking about you and hope everything is all right up in shellsuits city after we lost the European cup final, Ellis is your surname bryant by any chance.

14 Jun 2019 22:43:02
Raver, it was a nightmare up here when Liverpool beat us. It wasn't a great final but we definitely were the better team as we were at Anfield. They are hard to beat but they've had soo much luck this season. Typical Tottenham not seizing the day.

My names not Bryant, I'm guessing you've looked up the Universe owners. That's Rob who is called Bryant. I was a silent partner, you won't find anything on me lol I'm a fox in the box. I financed them when we moved from Brainstorm to Universe.

15 Jun 2019 09:37:55
So are you seriously saying Liverpool had more luck in the champions league then you did?

15 Jun 2019 11:31:25
Thanks Guvnor, I was worried about you and was trying to find out any news on you so I could get in touch, yes I was on a old rave site when one of the boys was talking about his universe days and was wondering if it was you, I was close to coming up to giroland in the Subaru to see if my sidekick was ok, you have sutton and shearar, cole and York, gullit and van basten but the raver and Ellis are lethal together😎.

15 Jun 2019 17:02:07
I didn't say just in the Champions League though, Wodbod.

15 Jun 2019 20:06:40
Oddbod the fantasist twisting things to suit his narrative as usual 🤥.

15 Jun 2019 23:33:17
What else could you be talking about then? You weren’t even close to them in the league.

15 Jun 2019 23:56:34
I will agree Liverpool have been world class this season and should have won the double.

16 Jun 2019 07:28:52
Theleftwilleatitself, how am I twisting things then if you weren’t even close to them in the league and he was clearly talking about champions league by saying “typical Tottenham not seizing the day".

16 Jun 2019 15:06:08
Just give up Wodbod.

16 Jun 2019 20:48:26
I love this kid! I reckon he's permanently got la-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la-la going round his head 🤕.

Howard Kendall

12 Jun 2019 14:26:32
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new manager profile about, Howard Kendall

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15 Jun 2019 23:58:04
Howard Kendall what a manager and a team, Everton were the best football side in the country early 80s imo.

12 Jun 2019 07:39:02
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 12th June 2019

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11 Jun 2019 07:39:01
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 11th June 2019

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10 Jun 2019 07:39:01
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 9th June 2019

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09 Jun 2019 07:39:02
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 9th June 2019

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08 Jun 2019 19:21:33
Just found out that our great defender Justin Edinburgh has died, he was a great servant to spurs and won the fa cup in 91 and the league cup in 99 after getting sent off after scrapping with Robbie savage, I always thought he would end up one day managing spurs as he's been doing a terrific job at lower leagues even just won the league with Leyton orient . The raver is truly gutted and sends his love to his family.

{Ed001's Note - sad day mate.}

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08 Jun 2019 19:31:59
Well said Raver. I was at Wembley in ‘91 with my uncle 🏆 Very sad news.

Dru Yearwood

08 Jun 2019 15:18:10
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new player profile about, Dru Yearwood

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09 Jun 2019 10:48:26
Ed how do you get a hold of information for players who are tough to scout?

{Ed001's Note - I use one of the scouting networks. All the full match sites have been taken down recently so there are not many options left now to watch players.}

09 Jun 2019 19:56:16
Must me tough scouting lower league players because of that lack of access. How long do you take to scout a player for preparing a profile? Take this player for example because I'm sure you would already have made mental notes of well known players and must take lesser time for those.

I'm trying to gain a sense of how much work goes behind actually scouting a player for a club.

{Ed001's Note - I personally look at, unless I say otherwise in the profile, ten full matches a player has played in. If I have seen them play more than that I can just write it, if not I will watch until I have seen that many. Then I usually check the highlight footage for any skills or facets of his game others have picked out in case I have missed something, then their career stats.}

10 Jun 2019 18:12:13
Wow that's a whole lot of time. Also is footage focusing only on the player available?

Are there some sort of set guidelines for scouting which clubs follow?

{Ed001's Note - scouts will usually write a report on a match-by-match basis. The FA has set out a standard template to use. If you are interested in scouting then this is the place to start. That is the FA's scouting courses, the level 1 is free and done online, I did that one myself and it is ok. It is a good platform to begin from.}

11 Jun 2019 09:45:24
Thanks for sharing that! This really is a good starting point!


{Ed001's Note - very welcome mate.}

08 Jun 2019 07:39:01
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 8th June 2019

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07 Jun 2019 20:42:14
Hi Ed002,

You mentioned on the Manchester United page that Spurs will be losing another CB already being not Alderweireld. Are you talking of Vertonghen, Sanchez or Foyth?

Also you mentioned that there is an offer on the table for Sessegnon from a club. Is it from Spurs?

A same sort of update list would be much appreciated here also.

Thanks in advance!

{Ed002's Note - Vertongen and yes.}

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08 Jun 2019 14:26:04
Thanks Ed! Where do you see Vertonghen going?

{Ed002's Note - I have no idea, but he is available, aging and only has a year to run on his contract. Maybe Spurs will get stuck with him.}


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