07 Dec 2019 07:39:01
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 7th December 2019

1.) 07 Dec 2019
07 Dec 2019 14:24:59
I wonder if gola will appear on hear today 😂🤣😂.

{Ed033's Note - Gola probably can't hear you :)

2.) 07 Dec 2019
07 Dec 2019 19:58:01
I’m amazed your even on here Oddbod mocking a supporter of a team who are 10 points ahead of you!
You are a shambles atm from top to bottom. AFC tv is cracking viewing especially with that Troopz!
You’re 14/1 for a top four finish 👍.

3.) 07 Dec 2019
07 Dec 2019 22:25:05
Good result for the spurs today raver we were off it today mate you go get them birds. i'll not be out tonight. drowning me sorrows haha. enjoy rest of your weekend mate.

4.) 08 Dec 2019
07 Dec 2019 23:53:20
I see you’ve just reported a £20+ million loss Oddbod. You need to start listening to us Spurs fans. Your on the way down and have been for a while. Like we’ve all said.

5.) 08 Dec 2019
08 Dec 2019 17:43:16
Drthfc, spurs paid over £200m more than they should have on the stadium because levy didn’t decide to have a fixed price with mace construction company, do you really want to talk about finances?

6.) 08 Dec 2019
08 Dec 2019 22:49:06
200m more than budget or 200m more than they should have? Very different things . were mistakes made yep, but not sure they paid 200m more than should have.

7.) 09 Dec 2019
09 Dec 2019 00:50:47
Was you offended by a joke Oddbod. Nothing happens when your offended. Get over it.

you’re meant to be an adult. surely you was taught sticks and stones as a kid. move on.

{Ed047's Note - in what part of your moronic head did you even think posting a joke about someone who killed those two young girls was going to be funny DR?

I actually thought better of you than that.

8.) 09 Dec 2019
09 Dec 2019 11:28:32
On reflection It was I’m very bad taste. I apologise to all.

{Ed047's Note - much appreciated DR and it really did seem unlike you as you come across as a level headed nice guy.

9.) 09 Dec 2019
09 Dec 2019 17:14:39
Me as well sorry if I offended anyone.

10.) 09 Dec 2019
09 Dec 2019 18:57:34
Thank you ed047, apology accepted dr thfc and gola
I get the sticks and stones comment dr thfc but that’s just like fans telling that to footballers after racially abusing them.

11.) 09 Dec 2019
09 Dec 2019 19:34:35
Oddbod, that’s an outrageous claim that I said anything about the Soham killer Ian Huntley!
Please apologise or get an Ed. to back up your claim 👍
I sometimes post on here after a few beers but I don’t recall saying anything about that person, ever 🤔.

{Ed033's Note - It looks like Oddbod made an honest mistake by misremembering that it was DR-THFC and not theleftwilleatitself.

12.) 10 Dec 2019
10 Dec 2019 06:39:36
I do apologise theleftwilleatitself it was a genuine mistake sorry mate.

13.) 10 Dec 2019
10 Dec 2019 11:24:37
Apology accepted Oddbod. 👍.

14.) 10 Dec 2019
10 Dec 2019 18:36:27
Ed033 - "misremembering" 😂
Yeah, basically a euphemism for 'couldn’t be ars*d to check who had actually said what' 👍.

{Ed033's Note - It's easier to type misremembering than your second sentence.

15.) 11 Dec 2019
11 Dec 2019 10:20:48
All in all we are a civil bunch when it comes down to it on here.
Which is a good thing, but wodbod your still below us - only joking keep up the banter.