31 Jul 2019 12:18:30
looks like our transfer buisness is done for this window, I get so fed up watching other clubs get players in with ease while we struggle to get any buisness done, can't see to much action now unless levy pulls one of those rabbits out of the hat. so disspointing for us as 2 or 3 top players could give us a real chance at the prem title, and we know we have money available for players, poch will go at some point this season as once again tottenham fail to back him, you get that feeling he has had enough listening to his post match interviews.

1.) 31 Jul 2019
31 Jul 2019 13:01:09
Fully agree with you mate, I've had enough of levy for a the last few years and wish he would sell up to someone who will take the club on further. We were 3 or 4 world class signings away last season and this season and he does nothing about it,

2.) 01 Aug 2019
01 Aug 2019 09:51:45
I had a rant about this on the rumours page a couple of days ago and the Spursguvnor gave me a very belittling response. I just don't see why Levy tries screwing teams down by a couple more million all the time. To me all it does is piss other clubs off, waste time and risk the whole deals. Its going to be the end of Poch as he can't continue to get top 4 without more backing, let alone compete to win.

Even if we do get Lo Celso over the line it will probably not be until next Thursday which will mean he won't be ready for a while after that. I think Levy just goes too far trying to prove what a tight negotiator he is and although i'm not suggesting we should back down and pay full asking price I think bending a fraction would get deals over the line loads quicker keeping everyone happy and allow us to actually prepare in time for game week 1!

3.) 01 Aug 2019
01 Aug 2019 10:43:11
Levy won't be selling up anytime soon. I think that was the plan originally with building the stadium but he's obsessed with this NFL project apparently. The only way I see us selling quickly is either an astronomical bid for Spurs or Joe Lewis becoming very ill or worse.

At least wait until the window is over. There are lots of clubs doing what we are doing, waiting to get the right price.