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05 Jan 2018 23:36:22
Im hearing tonight that we have interest in Lucas Moura of Psg.

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05 Jan 2018 23:27:20
Tosun the Turkish lad looks good who has gone to Everton.

We never buy in January so forget it and all the malarkey and hype from the pundits .

We need a striker and a midfielder zaha or mahrez or Richarlson .

One out of three, the striker maybe Moussa dembelle or Malcom.

Sanchez was a steal so something similar for a striker because if kane gets injured we are done for .

And all levy and mopo will hear is we told you so .

If ever levy had to pull a rabbit out of a hat its this transfer window,

Or moving into a new stadium without kane Ali Erickson and others by not making top four will not sell season tickets . Nice wad in bank but no bums on seats .

You know what's coming will he back or stack and cash in

Levy conundrum.

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05 Jan 2018 08:51:42
Looks like the Barkley deal is off due to wage demands.

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05 Jan 2018 15:41:37
I reckon we dropped our interest in him a while ago, none of my contacts have even mentioned Barkley for ages. For what reasons I don't know but maybe we just looking at different positions. What we need is a wide, fast, attacking, creative player hence the Malcolm, Zaha, Martial posts.

05 Jan 2018 16:15:26
I still think we need someone to rival Erikson when he's not on form Ellis. Agree with the winger.

05 Jan 2018 18:39:15
If we had wanted him we would of got him.

{Ed025's Note - thats not actually true ellis..

05 Jan 2018 18:48:16
Stupid decision to allow him to slip away for £15m.

{Ed025's Note - he would not get in your midfield anyway oracle..

05 Jan 2018 19:11:02
Agree Ed but we're crying out for someone to pressure Erikson. and for 15m. a steal. Poch would have undoubtedly made him a better player too.

05 Jan 2018 19:12:15
Whats the truth then ed?

{Ed025's Note - the truth is he seen chelsea as the better option and they were prepared to pay better wages, he also wants to win things and like it or not chelsea have more chance than spurs of giving him that mate..

06 Jan 2018 09:07:42
'better wages' my point exactly. let's 'judge' his decision in a year. see if he does indeed become a bench warmer.

not bothered either way personally as I trust in Poch and Levy to do what's right for our club, but an English player for that fee is a no brainer, sell him on in 2 years and make a profit? unless his wage demands were extremely high and therefore upsetting the rest of the players? and we really do not 100% know what other irons are in the fire.

Chelsea seem to sign, go out on loan, sit on the bench and sell quite a lot of players though, which Ross undoubtedly must have taken into consideration.

we could have clearly matched Barkleys night club ambition.

06 Jan 2018 17:58:38
The truth is spurs weren't interested in the end. Davinson Sanchez chose us over Chelsea as did Llorente.

07 Jan 2018 20:35:41
Ellis dee why do supporters nowadays obsess over who players signed for we beat them to his signature who cares yes we signed willian I couldn't give a shute who he was thinking of signing for, very childish
We won the player na na na naa na it's not our money our choice or in our hands so get over it.

07 Jan 2018 21:44:55
Im just glad we didn't sign Morata 😂 another Chelsea 'bargain' 😂.

08 Jan 2018 08:20:25
I know what you mean Ellis I must admit I would of preferred lamela.

08 Jan 2018 15:28:27
You would of had another 40 or 50 mil leftover if you had.

09 Jan 2018 17:24:10
I was being sarcastic.

09 Jan 2018 19:47:54
Well I never 😮.

04 Jan 2018 22:33:46
Not good enough from spurs, how many times have we seen us absolutely bossing games and not take 3 points. I think its time sissoko was dropped from the entire match day squad as he offers spurs nothing along with bang average Eric dier.

I think a top striker is a must this month as we are going to miss out on top4 the way things are going, I'm a very fed up spurs fan again and I'm going to give the pie and mash and Stringfellows a miss tonight.

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29 Dec 2017 22:29:22
There we go, just like I said on the 3rd December we are in for Malcolm of Bordeaux. Bid rejected though.

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30 Dec 2017 17:25:28
Who else are we looking at Ellis? Any whispers fella?

30 Dec 2017 20:51:10
Just the ones I have mentioned recently. Been scouting a lot of players, which is normal. Zaha, Martial, Malcolm, are probably the most wanted along with Sessegnon. Also watched a lot of Ajax games recently but none of them would be a starter for us so more than likely looking for at least the summer with them. Pochettino even went to Bordeaux himself a few times so that's usually an indicator.

26 Dec 2017 20:59:02
Spurs will be bidding big to get Martial and/ or Zaha. Not saying we will get, extremely doubtful in Jan but that's who we want.

Also had scouts at last Ajax game watching David Neres.

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27 Dec 2017 21:03:28
Zaha could be a little gem.

16 Dec 2017 09:31:21
Absolutely frenzy going on at HQ. Rumour is that January will see mega transfer activity against our normal nothingness.

Danny Rose is deal is very close with Luke Shaw coming the other way. Levy wants Shaw + £40m with Manchester United wanting to give only £20m. Somewhere between these two values lies the likely outcome.

Dele Alli will stay in January but a summer deal to Real Madrid looks to be agreed in principle. £110m transfer fee with possible player exchanges making up this price. Kovacic, Bale, Ceballos and Isco all offered as potential make weights. I have to say A Bale deal feels perfect if Levy can somehow get Madrid to part with £50m on top.

Mousa Dembele (Celtic) to sign as shock replacement for Llorente. The plan is to keep Llorente until the summer before moving him on.

Lastly and perhaps most unsurprisingly Ross Barkley will joins Spurs with the deal already completed.

Barkley, Shaw and Dembele will add real spark to the squad, and Bale and potentially Sessegnon in the summer will prepare Spurs for our new stadium.

Just surprise everyone and win the Champions League and finish top 4 again and the future will look amazing.

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16 Dec 2017 19:55:13
50m plus bale for Ali. What are you actually smoking lad.

16 Dec 2017 19:57:29
If you ever want a lesson on how to regurgitate all the absolutely nonsensical lazy journalism then look no further than the article above.

17 Dec 2017 02:24:57
Spurs won’t spend a fortune in January you have a stadium to pay for! I don’t think anybody will! Maybe only arsenal to appease the fans for the inevitable loss of their two best players for free. Spurs aren’t too far behind the top 4 and are in the middle of a massive investment in the stadium so, as they aren’t in a donor die situation why would they throw money about? Let’s be hoenst when you guys have done it recently it’s not exactly worked out. You just need some of your players to step up and be counted! Ali is quickly looking like a Jack Wilshere without the injuries, a great season, believes his own hype and then runs around with a chip on his shoulder. Kane has a far better attitude and kudos to that man for it. You got sparked by city but it’s hardly the end of the world, they’re spanning most teams.

17 Dec 2017 22:59:06
I said about a year ago that Kane will be valued at 200m when you factor in Levy. CIES observatory who are unbelievably accurate value him at 160m at the moment and Alli at 155m. I guarantee anyone that neither of these players will be sold as written above.

If Rose does go to Utd which I doubt would happen in January I would expect spurs to want Martial, a long time target, in the deal.

18 Dec 2017 08:38:48
Johnbarnesleftpeg did you pass maths at O’Level? Rose with Shaw is £20m. Dele Alli in the summer is Bale + £50m. Celtic’s Mousa Dembele and Ross Barkley on the cheap are hardly £70m are they?

So our net spend would be nothing!

I agree with the Martial comment. Perhaps Shaw and Martial for Rose is a great deal for both clubs. Real competition for Son on LAM would bring real fire to the midfield.

Our need for English players would be covered by Shaw, potentially Sessegnon and Barkley.

18 Dec 2017 12:26:15
How are you going to pay Bales wages within your right structure, he on about £300k a week.

18 Dec 2017 20:59:56
NO o levels are for old people :) and your numbers you’ve pulled out of your anus, what I said was entirely true and because you randomly post about some ‘frenzy’ at your imaginary HQ, does not make your opinion any more than mine. Mine is however more likely. Anyway enjoy your day I’m sure the HQ is hectic today it’s almost January! Goodluck lads for the CL, one of us English teams can score the cup.

19 Dec 2017 10:46:24
Oracle, Shaw and martial for rose, you are on the smoke, I would swap Shaw for rose and that would be a good deal, somewhere inside Shaw there's a top lb.

25 Dec 2017 13:49:27
I couldn't stop laughing at this guys post. I suppose it was a banter post, surely is having a laugh. How about messi plus 40 mill for ali?

26 Dec 2017 21:20:57
Hey Cfcshak, being a Chelsea fan you would know all about bargains wouldn't you!

27 Dec 2017 22:32:41
Ellis Azpi £7.5m, Hazard £32m, Christensen free, Kante 32m, do you not call those players bargains?

29 Dec 2017 22:56:09
Morata, Luiz? Spend spend spend.

03 Jan 2018 10:36:05
Ellis had you done your research you would realise the following,

Azpi - bargain
Cahill - bargain
Christensen - bargain
Kante - bargain
Hazard - bargain
Pedro - bargain
Willian - bargain
Costa - bargain
Moses - bargain
Alonso - bargain
Courtois - bargain

Sorry to say mate but none of the above broke the bank and are responsonle for winning the league the last two times out of 3.

03 Jan 2018 17:15:46
Self sufficiency at its finest.

06 Jan 2018 13:03:34
Am I missing something here? Are you guys talking about the Manchester United martial?

If so lol. lol. lol. lol. 😂.

12 Dec 2017 16:32:22
Hey Ed! Any chance of a Spurs sharkopod?

{Ed002's Note - I think Arsenal are next up and then Spurs.}

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13 Dec 2017 02:12:03
Looking forward to it!

10 Dec 2017 18:34:20
We had scouts at the Ajax game watching Frenkie de Jong and Justin Kluivert.

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06 Dec 2017 09:57:32
Hi Ed's

Just wanting to see if you have any information on potential targets we have for the January transfer window?

Thanks in advance

{Ed002's Note - There is every chance that Danny Rose (LB) will leave in the January window and Georges-Kevin Nkoudou (LW) will go (at least a loan) but the club may not look to direct replacements then.
Spurs continue to look at players including:
Joris Gnagnon (CB) - Will depend on contract renewals, but Spurs are still interested in him - perhaps one for the future
Ryan Sessegnon (LB) - but £50M asking price - an auction for next summer perhaps
Adam Masina (LB) might provide an option to Sessegnon
Kieran Tierney (LB) - very unlikely
Dani Ceballos (CM) - there is interest
Ross Barkley (AM) - on the cheap in January or for nothing in the summer
Max Meyer (W/AM) - moving in the direction of being unlikely
Jann-Fiete Arp (S) 17YO from Hamburg but looks to be heading elsewhere

I cannot sensibly say which might be available in January, but Spurs may look to grab Barkley.

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06 Dec 2017 12:26:07
Thanks Ed002 for your prompt and informative reply.

Can I ask what you know if there are rumours of discontent within the camp or is it all paper talk? Also do you have any insight into Toby's contract talks?


{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any Stuart. If a team has a dip in form there will always be a few folk who are not happy. On the plus side, the new stadium is something else. I paid a visit as the start of last week and they were trying out the model of the removal pitch segments. It is very impressive indeed.}

06 Dec 2017 15:17:53
Thanks Ed002, and I'm glad to hear its all just paper talk.

I'm looking forward to taking my son to his first Spurs match next season.


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