Manchester United Season Review

08 Aug 2017 04:32:10
{Ed's Note - We have posted a new article entitled, Manchester United Season Review

1.) 09 Aug 2017
09 Aug 2017 03:57:53
Your season reviews are brilliant, precise and short. I look forward to them and just hate waiting for them to be out.
Just wanted to thank and congratulate you on the great Job Ed!

{Ed001's Note - thank you very much mate. I really appreciate that. I just hope you are still saying that after I have done the Spurs one (fingers crossed that will be soon as time is so difficult to come by at this time of year).}

2.) 09 Aug 2017
09 Aug 2017 03:58:24
Also be sure to give Kane, Alli and Eriksen a 10 :D.

{Ed001's Note - Kane a 1, Alli a 0 and Eriksen a :D is that?}

3.) 09 Aug 2017
09 Aug 2017 06:55:41
I'll make do if you add a few kind words to that Ed!

{Ed001's Note - a few kind words? Ok, Kane is very caring to his family, Alli is a nice lad who supports Liverpool so I like him and Eriksen speaks excellent English. Is that ok? ;-)

4.) 09 Aug 2017
09 Aug 2017 06:57:07
Are you pressed for time because of the transfer window Ed? With all the requests flying in?

{Ed001's Note - transfer window mainly. The sites are so busy right now. I nodded off for half hour there and woke up to over a 100 posts waiting to be edited across the sites. Though half will end up deleted, I still have to read them to make the decision whether to delete or not!}

5.) 09 Aug 2017
09 Aug 2017 07:37:10
You need more editors to filter out the crap. It's just a waste of time. Can't imagine waking up from a precious siesta to search for decent posts among repeated requests and vile replies.

{Ed001's Note - the trouble is once the window is over things go much quieter so we don't need as many and they get bored and we lose them as editors.}

6.) 09 Aug 2017
09 Aug 2017 07:40:42
I've probably already rated them in my mind, so I can make do with this Ed, only if you add include your thoughts on Dear Mr. Levy in your review.

{Ed001's Note - I will make sure to add an extra section for him, just for you mate.}

7.) 09 Aug 2017
09 Aug 2017 07:46:01
Oh well, tough one to solve eh. Maybe you could get some volunteers from this site. Old users or something such.

{Ed001's Note - a lot of the problem has come from getting volunteers who only want to have access to the widget we use to communicate between the editors. As a lot of info gets passed around on there between us regarding clubs, they just want to earwig and get info, while not actually helping to edit at all. So we are trying a new system, we have a couple of editors who are just purely given access to edit the site of the team they support and no widget to see what is being said between us. If that works we will do that I think in future, then we can take more chances on volunteers. It is difficult otherwise as a lot of the information that is discussed can involve personal stuff, so we don't want just anyone seeing it.}

8.) 09 Aug 2017
09 Aug 2017 07:46:26
Thank You Ed. I'm looking forward to it!

{Ed001's Note - cheers mate. I will do my best to be fair to him though, as he does have a good side as well as a bad one!}

9.) 09 Aug 2017
09 Aug 2017 08:32:25
Hope it works Ed! Good luck!

{Ed001's Note - cheers mate.}

10.) 09 Aug 2017
09 Aug 2017 08:33:38
Any information you provide will be new information for me. He's been much maligned by the media and many fan websites. The only one putting up a defense for him seems to be Poch.

{Ed001's Note - I do think he gets a bad press, purely because he doesn't want to get involved in all the clickbait action they want. I mean how can you put up clickbait headlines about Bale going back to Spurs (for an example) when every man and their dog know Levy would never spend that amount? It must really rankle amongst the media that they are missing out on a vast revenue stream from Spurs fans.}

11.) 09 Aug 2017
09 Aug 2017 09:47:32
The only person who can balance out Levy's involvement has to be good ole 'Arry Redknapp.
Don't remember before then but ever since he left, everyone in the media seems happy to auction all our playersamd more. The way things are progressing I wouldn't be surprised to find the Mail reporting that United have bid for our Kitman.

{Ed001's Note - the media love 'Arry, so they would not want to upset him. Poch is just some foreign dude who doesn't whisper in their ears, so they don't care about upsetting him.}

12.) 09 Aug 2017
09 Aug 2017 10:42:24
Well I intended do continue my rambling but remembered old Klipperty hasn't been making your life any easier.

{Ed001's Note - tell me about it!}

13.) 09 Aug 2017
09 Aug 2017 12:40:16
God bless us all!

14.) 09 Aug 2017
09 Aug 2017 15:59:47
Oh wow what a blossoming bromance we have going on here :)

{Ed001's Note - I can't help being irresistible Gill, it is a curse I was born with.}

15.) 09 Aug 2017
09 Aug 2017 18:53:48
I like Kane think he's a good example of hard work pays off not too bothered about the girls/ money as much as others seem anyway.