01 Aug 2018 09:49:42
That’s it I’m boycotting spurs and not buying anything from the club until levy and Lewis sell up to someone who will take spurs forward. We are a joke of a club who will win absolutely nothing when you have the three puppets in charge who only care about champions league football and nothing else. We’ve been very close to winning major cups over the last few years but levy will never buy the odd world class players who will take us there. We will finish 6th or 7th imo this year as the other big clubs have bought very well again and you will have Everton and West Ham pushing the top 6 as they have done brilliant business LEVY OUT NOW.

1.) 01 Aug 2018
01 Aug 2018 12:20:58
Blimey raver, your bipolar is kicking in again, take your meds man.

2.) 01 Aug 2018
01 Aug 2018 13:44:17
I remember a few shouting the same last year before we had to play all our games away from home.

Im sure they are all busy trying.

3.) 01 Aug 2018
01 Aug 2018 17:20:39
Zaha is definitely going somewhere hence stalling on the contract from Palace.

4.) 02 Aug 2018
02 Aug 2018 09:24:55
You can't force players to sign for Spurs. I am sure the club is working hard on transfers.