16 Feb 2018 19:24:13
Not a single post moaning about Higuan's offside goal, take note Liverpool fans boo hoo hoo.

1.) 17 Feb 2018
17 Feb 2018 20:55:00
Ellis I bumped into my family relative this week who is a Liverpool fan and said spurs draw away to juventus is nothing special as the Italian league is very week, the following night he was phoning me and was bragging about taking one of the biggest clubs in Europe apart in Porto lol, I think he's on stronger gear than his beloved cousin the raver.

2.) 18 Feb 2018
18 Feb 2018 14:14:19
They're still talking, and whingeing, about the spurs match raver. They think Firmino is better than Kane. They're still living off the 1980s.

3.) 18 Feb 2018
18 Feb 2018 15:35:04
Nobody in this country is better than Harry Kane END Of STORY.