08 Oct 2017 20:49:44
Kane the first man ever to score in first four games as captain for his country. Nice little stat.

1.) 09 Oct 2017
09 Oct 2017 17:12:06
The man is absolute class R. G. and will become the premier league and England's all time greatest scorer. We have been so good to English football with our great strikers in greaves, lineker, Sheringham and now Kane.

2.) 09 Oct 2017
09 Oct 2017 20:40:24
Sorry I've got R. G. on the brain lol I mean king Ellis Dee.

3.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 18:26:26
Who on earth is RG raver? You forgot Chris Armstrong in that list! 😂.

4.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 19:11:57
Chris Armstrong lol I bumped into him last year in Manchester, he looked like bob Marley with dreadlocks down to his bum. He was very approachable and chatted to the raver for ages about his time at spurs as I was nodding like a Churchill dog and my eyes like huge golf balls and chewing more gum than mr Wrigley lol.

5.) 11 Oct 2017
11 Oct 2017 19:42:50
Raver did you know that Bob Marley was a spurs fan? Spurs = Bob Marley, Arsenal = Dale Winton.

6.) 11 Oct 2017
11 Oct 2017 21:54:48
Yes I knew bob Marley used to watch Tottenham whenever he was in London, whenever spurs lose and the Subaru plays up, I think of bob in don't worry about a thing because every little thing is going to be alright. Ellis in boxing terms we have Chris Eubanks and Barry macguigan and Arsenal have Audley Harrison as fans LMAO.

7.) 13 Oct 2017
13 Oct 2017 16:52:22
Dont forget Frank Bruno raver!